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President's Letter


We are five days now in to lockdown.  New words are coming in to our everyday vernacular - social distancing being one of them.  Some of us are working from home and some are using the time to hone their x-box skills - whatever you do team, stay fit and healthy.



A big shout out to those of you who are essential workers, thinking of the likes of Lachy, Zach and co who are farmers, Blair and his team at Premier Beehive, Rhys and his guys at Scott's Ag, any contractors who are on call, our supermarket workers, medical and related people, doctors, nurces, pharmacies, aged care facilities, the council services, still out there on the coal face. THANK YOU. If you are needing a contractor or service please use our sponsors. 



You may have seen that WBRU is seeking revenge against Auckland from the August 13 1985 game by way of a Virtual Rugby game between the two provinces. Go on make your picks.  We're choosing Baz, Womble, Brett and Moose as props. Joe and Gary as Hookers.  We already chosen BJ as Coach. Haven't had the option yet but 'Hopper will manage the team.  Watch this space.



It is important to stay connected with one another.  Make phone calls, a txt, messenger or whatever but please don't be alone.  Give me a ring if you'd like to. CTB




Steve Hurley


Carterton Rugby Football Club

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