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President's Letter


As we go in to the final weekend of the senior rugby competition - only semis and the final to go - I want to state that I could not be prouder of our players.  They have stepped up, played up, manned up.  We are clearly the best performing club with teams in the top four of both competitions. 
Hats of to James-O, Corey, Brad, and Kerry for the work they have done with the Reserve grade team.  The culture within this team is good and lead from the top. This is a fairly young team except for the likes of Twiggy and Big Boy (both Centurians) and one or two others including Jacko Hull whose contribution and experience has been immeasurable. It is good to see that even if the boys are not playing they turn up to support their team mates. Play hard, play well, Play CTB.
Similarly kudos goes to Chris, Peel, Weta and Luminos for the work they have done with the Premiers this season. Blending a group of young players from all over the place is not easy but they have come together with the CTB philosophy and are doing their best on the park.  Last week's game illustrates this with a score-line of 8-6 against Greytown.  East Coast are never easy at home so I envisage a real battle tomorrow.
Enjoy your rugby guys!



Steve Hurley


Carterton Rugby Football Club

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