Annual Awards

Annual Awards - 2018


MARQUIS CUP Most Consistent Back Isaac Bracewell
KEITH REID MEMORIAL Most Consistent Forward Conor Baker
PAT HURLEY CUP Most Improved Back Cheyenne Harmon
IAN McPHEE MOTORS TROPHY       Most Valued Team Member Matty Gain
JIM CHURCHHOUSE CUP Most Versatile Player     Utah Walker
ALLEN CUP Most Improved Player Mike Kloeg
BURDEN ROSEBOWL Best All-round Player Lachie McFadzean
T&B KITCHEN CUP Most Valuable Player 3-2-1       Isaac Bracewell


RON SALISBURY CUP Most Useful Team Member Zach Wakefield
K.H REID CUP Best Forward Ben Duffy
HARE STEFFERT CUP Best Back Jarrod Woods
GAYFER CUP Most Improved Player Kyle Loader
COUNTRY CONTRACTS TROPHY Most Dedicated Team Member   Clyde Bruce/
    Karl Robinson
WAI COM LTD CUP Most Valuable Player 3-2-1 Jarrod Woods

Club Trophies

JOHN REARDON CUP Team Effieciency Premiers
W.S. MONTGOMERY CUP                Best All Round Player - all grades   Jacko Hull
BUSTER HOPPING CUP Best Club Team  - all grades Premiers
W.O. TAYLOR CUP Highest Points Scorer Jarrod Woods
JIM BERRY CUP Best Club Trainer James Church
JIMMY COTTER MEMORIAL TROPHY Highest Club Achiever Gavin Hodder
LEN BERRY MEMORIAL CUP Best Club Member Suzanne Zabell
CLUB CAPTAIN'S CLOCK Outstanding Club Contribution -
      Dion Russell Memorial         During the Year Trish Heming
ROSS HIBBARD MEMORIAL TROPHY Best Club Supporter Tom Wilkinson
     Player of the Year - Premiers Nick Mason
       Player of the Year - Reserves Kyle Loader
CTB PLAYERS AWARD Premiers & Reserves Players Choice Jacko Hull


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