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President's Letter

 Well that is the Premier's Battle of the Bridge over and done with and lost for 2021.  If our boys had played the whole game as they did in the last 15 minutes we may just have won the game. The score-line is arguably flattering in the end but we were unlucky not to score again at the death.  We've come away with a few injuries, Big-boy played 80 minutes and there are more than a few sore bodies out there.



Our young back line was explosive and expansive and showed the talent we have to work with but they just didn't always get it across the line.  Silly mistakes need to be nullified as well as opportunities taken and finished.



Our Reserves were another story.  They played a game that yo-yoed back and forth and did not always control the score board, however in the end the took the win.  It was good to see James-O's boys out there playing good rugby out wide as well as using their forwards.  They were able to put the use of rolling subs to their advantage and having young Jono on the bench was an added extra,



If they play this well without training - how good can they be after training? This team will be encouraged by the win as they look to next week against Pioneer. 



This Battle of the Bridge - Won!



Steve Hurley


Carterton Rugby Football Club

The 2015 Executive Committee is as follows

President: Steve Hurley
Secretary: Joss McKernan
Treasurer: Robyn Campbell
Club Manager: George Rodger
JAB Rep: Neil Rodger
Council of Clubs: Lyndon Beale
Committee: Garry Smith, Gavin Hodder, Trish Heming, Jeff Jones, Kerry McGhie.

Executive Committee meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at the clubrooms on Belvedere Road at 7.00pm.

The next meeting is on April 13th 2015.


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