In 1970, a further great change took place. The Wairarapa and Bush Unions joined forces. In the first season, the top five Wairarapa clubs and the t0p three Bush ones joined in the first combined championship. With the final match to go, Carterton was two points clear of the field. However in this final match, Carterton was defeated by Featherston 17 points to 5. These two teams were level, and a play off was necessary. Carterton hopes were not high as first one then two and finally six nf their first team became sick or injured.

The game was played at Greytown, and half-time Came ql d 6 oints to nil Shortly after half- with Featherston 1 193 p . . _ time, Philip Albrett scored and Ron Parker converted. Kevin Riddell scored in the corner, Ron Parker kicked :1 penalty. Featherston Came back and scored a convened try. They h Falconer had hardly time to feel satisfied before Gra am ed in the corner Ron Parker converted and Carterton scor had won the first combined championship. Also in this
season, Graham Falconer became the club’s first JlJl‘llOI’ All Black.

5 1 A Tenn-i— Winners First Walrarapa-Bush Amalgamate en or Championship (Smith-Day Cup), Winners Knockout Compe- lk Cu tlliun (Redmond Cup), Easter Tournament Cup, Ba e p, Crossman Cup and Reid Cup
Back Row: W. Crawlt-_\’, I. Genngc, K. Kccgun, T. Cayliss, R. Thompson, R. Playlc.
Middle Row: C. Cotter (club captain), J. Sage, G. Falconer, R. Gcangc, R. Parker, A. Hodges, B. Geange, A. J.McKenzie (president).
Front Row. R. P;uc\.~/a5 (couch), 0. Srnirh. r< nm.it~||. n Cr0s.~;~ man (capt.), P. Albrett, W. Parker, Q. Desmond (Coaclil.
Sitting: T. Wilkinson, K. Tauchcr.
Absent: K. Walker, B. Brunton.

The committee at this stage was fully occupied in the erection of Squash Courts. Again hay carting was under- An taken, debentures issued and preliminaries begun. attempt was made to purchase the section adjacent to the clubrooms, but this was found to be too small for the ‘ ments Finally the club met with the Borough require . , Council and arranged to lease a section at Howard Booth f lin Park. The building was commenced. Owing to a ee g that the Squash Club should be separate from the Rugby Club the club called a meeting at which the Squash Club y The club agreed to leave $15,099 I”V°s“”1 :i:\:h<-iestqtligsh club nu this club had repaid its other borrow- ed moneys.

Finally the squash club commenced 0p€;”aIl€I’15 and continues to flourish. The new club caused llrt Br dlfi’lCUlI_V. Many of the new club’s committees have been Rugby Club members which has placed a further strain on our thin resources establishment of this new amenity, the club to its own comfort. With a view to the ndllary licences, a bar with all conveniences players had an upgraded hot Water system set to consolidate on our clubrooms. bombshell dropped.

CARTERTON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB_l97B Senior “A” Team– Championship Runners-up. Winners of Redmond Cup, Lion 7-A-Side Cup, Parnell Cup Back Row: G. Baker, G. Cotter, K. Parker, D. Rhodes, 0. Alhrctl, G. Baker, J. Kennedy, G. Daysh. Middle Row: B. Cadwullader (chairman), K. Walker (coach), J (‘utter D Mullhews. I. Blake (vice captain), R. Playle, R. Ut‘8l1§f,’l’. Malmcivs, C. Collcr (club capmm). From Rou: P. Garrett. N. Monk, G. Todd (capn), J. Matthews, R 1″“ T \\.’i\k§r\-.1>I\_
Absent: 1. Mahoney.

The P. and A. were the Showgrounds! They approached the and we began to investigate the purchase of Showgrounds. After six months, much was It was found necessary to sell our existing club- which we did early in 1974. The money received Btu! this went to pay for 7} acres of the Showgrounds.

“‘l‘l\|s area included the Tea Kiosk, Robinson Hall, grand-Ilnti. and horseboxcs. (We could not do anything for [lacing or alterations till the P. and A. no longer needed grounds for Show purposes). The total cost of the was $42,000 to be paid ofl‘ within four years. With from the sale of the clubrooms, this meant that years called for the raising of $5,000 per year to payments. It says much for the club that the final could be made two months early, so that at the I978, we owned our grounds.

bees have resulted in the area being fenced. removed, tea kiosk demolished. The area to ‘ ” ‘ J the number one field has been ploughed ready l] l W““’W“ lh area has hindered further development W playing field the club’s representatives have mmWW“W“ D respected. The championships have had ‘ Urdu‘, ary rounds, followed by a Grand Final ilflk first occasion this was contested, the Senior “AW i and won the bottom division. In the past four W MW‘ ‘-ili0l’I of a second field. The number of large ililii T _ _ ii m ‘ ‘ . . |I:hmm “ Mm“WW““ ‘ ‘ _ have been in the top division and in three of l V dry kc have contested the grand final.

Srd Grade—Winners of Seven-A-Side Cup, Lion
Brown Cup, Vangione Challenge Cup
Back Row: I. Bowness, P. Keating, C. Hammond, M. Edge, R.
Goodin, S. Hunter, S. Edge.
Middle Row: B. Cadwallader (chairman), F. Leatherby (coach),
W. Rauwhero, B. Hemi, J. Moranga, J. Culvin (manager),
C. Cotter (club captain).
Front ROW: M. Thorby, L. Lcnihan, L. Ford, l). Brown (caph),
D. Robertson, W. Rohe.
Absent: R. Sinclair, K. Jury, T. Gay, D. Hulchby, B. Rulene,
K. Taucher, .l. Baker, A. Bare, S. Geange.

i m‘, M ‘
i * ill ll.

In the final year of our hundred, the Senior A were nlmers-up in the championship, the Senior Thirds were fit the [Op Of theirs. The Junior Under 20 team was for the championship. In the beaten in the final game _ _ x4.»~=i Gxudca, we won tin: mil 51-aue and Lhe three divisions ll the Tenth grade, no mean achievement.

J nior All In this season also, we gained our second u Black, Jimmy Cotter being selected to tour Queensland. A the century drew to a close, once again it was found S Izcessarv to change the uniform. The white shorts being ill impossible to maintain at at uniform white, the shorts it changed to maroon with three white stripes down the . .i
Hi ii,‘ in i-Q ‘ l. To fit in with the overall pattern, the socks also changed to maroon with two narrow white bands. , ,
ill‘ l

Wu“ , W‘, l,‘ l l l l i lll v I “ ‘V ‘ “ll W‘ Me, elected to the position 0 l l ‘ll ‘ l ll‘ l ll ll ll l l hi hfl twenty years, we have again had a member. f President of the ‘11““’.l‘”” ‘l pg being so honoured in 1963. ll WWlll“W|.*flers to be elected have been M. L. Fitzgerald, ‘ lwwnw , and A. J. McKenzie. mum Cl S Pi’€SldEl’1£S ‘lmm ‘mi this period has been serve a ,‘.“lll’. , G. V. Burden (2 years), A. J. McKenzie 9‘ “W “ “1 , R. E. Hopping (2 years), A. J. McKenzie, M. L. ” ‘ “‘““ ‘ – – (2 years), A. J. McKenzie (10 years). The Secretaries in the same period have been: M. L. Fitzgerald (2 years), T. Tildesley (4 years), B. J. Cad- allader (3 years), Mrs C. Taucher (6 years) assisted for years by Mrs L. Geange, Mrs A. Forsythe and Mrs J. Behl. In its 100 years the club has come far. At all times has had as its aim ‘To provide recreation‘. This it has it done.

Uhtla 20s Team _ Runners-up Wairarapa-Bush Championship J Coo cl.
BK}; Row: B. Daysh, P. FL\]CUi\<:l‘, L. Knowles, . p Middle Row: B. Cuzlwallatler (chairman), R. Rutcnc (coach), M. Lenihzin, S. Butler, G. Paterson, C. Cutler (Club captain), B. O’Connor (mairiugcr). Front Row: J. Calkin, R. Van Wanrooy, P. Lclt (captain), M. O’Connor, T. Marlin. Absent: P. Bond (vice captain), T. Tc Maari, S. Shaw, T. Taizi. M. Hammond, S. Venuma, P. Gay.

There have been high points, there have been low . . . d points. But always the club, when H1 a low point perio , has had the strength of purpose to pull itself out of the trough and climb again to success. ln our 100 years many changes have come about, ‘ ditions, in rules. w 4 dnanges in grounds, colours, playing con . Change is necessary. When we give up change, we do not progress. May the club always be willing and able to adapt and change to meet the changing needs of the playing generation.

CARTERTON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB—-Bth GRADE——l973 Winners 8th Grade Walrarapa Championship Back Row: R. Rutcnc (coach), K. Campbell, R. Campbell, R. Eppletl, C. Coller (club captain). W. Rnhc, R. Rulene (vice captain), K. Herlihy, B. Cadwallader (chairman). Middle Ruw: T. Paewai, K. Keegan, D. Parker, ‘1’. Burgess (captain), M. Forsylh, C. Hull, K. Dudson. Front Row: M. Binns, G. Booth, P. Reid.


“The return match between Masterton and Carterton Clubs was played at Carterton on Saturday last. The ground is decidedly not a fit one for football and it was miraculous how the players escaped, there being stumps and roots all over the paddock”, Wairarapa Daily, 19th September, I881. We have come a long way since then. For most of our history, we have used the grounds that belonged to others. t f the time, this has been on the Showgrounds.

For mos 0 . When it was found that the Showgrounds were to be sold, ‘ who the then committee met with the P. and A. Society gave a very attentive hearing. The area of ground was agreed on and the price set. Ever since then, committee members have been encouraged bY the Words, “You’ve got a lot to do here”. Very seldom has it been said, “You’ve done a lot here”. Both statements are true. When the grounds were pur- chased. we could not do very much as our agreement allowed the P. and A. to use the grounds till their new grounds were ready. What was to be the first priority ? The players needed somewhere to change. Accordingly, the base of the old grandstand was usedl The room was ideally suited for the purpose. Six showers and an electric water cylinder were installed. Our players now have perhaps the Oldest changing rooms in New Zealand. but they claim the best showers in Wairarapa.

CARTERTON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB-1978 9th Grade A Back Row: B. Cadwallader (chainnan), B. Hcmi (coach), C Cotter (club captain). Middle Row: 1). Hyde, D. Cati\~’zillt\del’, S. Ilnrc, R. Paku. Front Row: H. O’Brien, W. Burgess, S. Lambert, S. Adams, B. Hibbard, S. Henson, B. Tauchcr.

We had to have somewhere to gather after matches. Fortunately we had included in the purchase, the l0-year old stewards’ luncheon booth. lt was built for use on two days of the year, but that was soon changed. A bar was installed and pictures hung round the walls. It was not comfortable, it was not warm, but we managed. When we applied for an ancillary licence, many improvements had to be made. It was found to he impractical tn upgrade the existing bar, so at the end oi‘ 1978. thv Curnniittec bcginn the task of building new kitchen and bar facilities. After many working bees, the end is in sight. This upgrading has brought improvement and problems. The existing power supply is overloaded, so some of the new fittings cannot be used. Accordingly, :1 new power supply is being installed. This will cater for all foreseeable demands for the next 30 years. The supply will be strong enough to enable the building of lighting towers that will provide light as clear as day. In the future, we should be able to hold night rugby on our fields. Of course, once the P. and A. Society vacated the grounds, we were faced with tho daunting task of fencing gug property. The first fence was the southern one. This _a to be Slmng 9″0u{-3.11 to withstand our southcrlies. lt lS. lt took many weeks to complete but it was done.

CARTERTON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB_l978 9th Grade B Back Row: C. ctiricr (club ca|JI;\l|l), D. Ozikly (L’ULlt’|l), B. Cadwallader (chairman). Middle Row‘. C. Brown, M. Batcltclor, M. Cul‘l\’1t)ll}‘, A. Donnelly. Front Row: T. Tilhcridgc, B. Allen, M. HIt\’t’s, E. Brown, B. Oakly, K. Hall.

Perhaps it is true that at the western end the wrong mark was found for the survey peg and the fence is 9 yards out of line. Anyone who complains is quite at liberty to shift the fence to its proper position. By the time the southern fence was finished, the one along the railway collapsed from age. Again, after many weeks’ work we were no further forward.

We did receive some unwanted assistance‘ A5 the grounds could not be shut up, vandals swept in, Their wnsregating point was the Tea Kiosk that was being used by the Soccer Club as clubrooms. After the vandals came in, we soon had the Tea Kiosk wrecked. Cleaning up took much longer. While the vandals were with us, they did not forget the Grandstand. All the windows were smashed as well as several panels in the back of the stand, These took much time to repair, and again, when finished, W9 were once more back where we started. The eastern and northern boundaries remained. Work started. Before we could touch the northern fenceline, the horse boxes had to be removed. More hours. At times, progress was rapid. The materials salvaged were put into stacks, one with material that we could use again, the other firewood. We easily distinguished the stacks the next week. The firewood stack was left. Some0ne’s need was ter than ours When the horse boxes came down. grea . there was no fence behind, so we had to set to work to fence the northem boundary. Much later this was completed.

CARTERTON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB—l978 Nth Grade A_waira:npt: l0lh G::\z\e Charnp\0ns_ .101“: w_.,,,,¢,._, _ .,…….§.- …..t.,…. – Brvce Carnlllll . . – ; B. J. Cairvzallzlrlcl‘ (chairman). W . Edd !(zCi?;Cl\) C. Cotter (club caPla‘“]‘ ‘ » ‘ , Fox, A. Micltllc Row: w. B. camper N- M» 6- M°N’°h°”‘ B‘ K Connolly, R. P. Donworth. Front Row: J. Lange, S. J. Denbee, M. P. Rutcne. B. J. Catl- wallader, W. T. Poharama, J. Moranga, G. Bchl.

The long eastem fence remained. Gradually the mat- erials were assembled. and the daunting task begun. The iron pipes were driven into the ground. Fortunately only once did the rammcr fall on a worker’s head. Most of the poles were straight, but some had to be straightened and all had to be concreted in. Not long to write but days of work to complete. Finally, wires were strung and the netting in place. Nearly enclosed. The finishing touches were gale posts and gate. Still people said, “You’ve got a lot to do”. Cars soon cut up the truck. Finally 11 track was graded out and metalled. The final burst came when a large working bee started ‘Operation Tidy Up‘. About 250 man hours of work went in. 300 yards of metal were put down over smoothed ground. Truck loads of rubbish were taken away. The fences round the oval completed and painted.

CARTERTON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB-1978 l0th Grade B—Winners of “B” Grade Championship and Buster Hopping Trophy (Best Club Team) Back Row: B. Caclwallatler (chairman), J. Kennedy (coacli), C. Cotter (club captain). Middle Row: T. Campbell, J. Huirtirna, D. Yulc. M. Royal. Front Row: Keimetly, G. Rnngi, M. Bru\\n, T. Dudson (captain). F.d\\artl~’, P. Kunnczly, D. Tzlnkerslcy.

On the northern end of the field, we have P1’°Vi5i°”5 for a second field. This was ploughed, rotary hoed and now it has been ploughed again. Most of the stones have been buried, and hopefully those remaining at the top will be able to be picked up, so that SO0n we should have further playing space available. A scorebox has been built. This had an eventful start, as when the holes to take the pipes were being drilled, the drill went through one of the many water pipes that criss cross the area. It took 24 hours to find where the water could be turned ofl’, and in that time a young lake developed. At last the water was turned off, new holes drilled and the scorebox built. Wairarapa is fairly sure to have dry summers. Grounds fit to play on in early season have been a problem. Onone occasion, the ground was irrigated from the Borough mains. The ground was wet, and the town nearly went dry. We did not repeat the experiment, In order to have soft grounds, a bore has been sunk and supplies 1000 gallons an hour. The end of the present summer saw this facility in use for the first time and a good sole of grass provided.

CARTERTON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB-1978 10th Grade C-Wins of Buster Hopping Trophy Back Row: C. Cotter {club caplainl, D. Eppleu, K. Adams, A. Gates lcmchl. T. Quayle, B. Smith, B. Cadwalladcr (chairman). Front Row: D. TO\§’€l’$L‘_\’, McGi-egor, N. Farmer, D. Brown. C. Yule, A. Rziuulicro, A. Gz|lL’.~., S. forward.

we got? A ground, soon to be two. A ample car parking. A scorebox. A grand» bout I000 people. Changing rooms, club future? Plans have been drawn up for There will be a bottom floor of six storage. The upper floor will have a will provide the largest hall in the town. and furnished and will be a ‘home’ our early members helped with the eXtension to Municipal Hall at the beginning of the century, has been constantly progressing. While it continues it will continue to strengthen. When it ceases It will slowly wither. With a sound building to the club should again gather momentum and

_; CARTERTON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB — I978 10th Grade D Back Row: C. Cutter (club captain), C. Edwards, S. Pnku, W. Rauwhero (coach), T. Matthews, C. Lees, B. Cadwallader (chairman). Front Row: J. Edwards, W. Troy, R. Rose (Captain), J. W1‘igh(, R. Pogson, W. Lee, D. Lange. Absent: R. Harclie. l. Shields.

CARTERTON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB—l978 10th Grade E Back Row: B. Caudwullzutcr (cJ1zu’r1mm), C. Culley (club captain], D. Cadwalluclcr (u>>i>lunl couch).

Middle Row: D. Wilwn, C. M()I‘£l!1g;\, R. Walker, J. Cad\’\z\|!a\dc1′,
D. Spicer, D. Sullivan.
Front Row: T. Guodin, V. I.ce.-, M, Black\\’c|l, C. Mckuluiw,
M. Walker, D. Quayle, B. Si|‘I1]7§L)Il, K. luhnsmz.
In From: C. Bo\\‘ncs>, R. Matthews, P. I30wnu.~s.
Abscnlr B. Benucll lcoach), A. Bc|’mc‘ll.